7ello 3an el Yoga!

Yoga is the work of the satan, Yoga can result in satanic possession, Yoga is evil. For those who do yoga, you’re headed for the “Kingdom of Darkness”. Each few months, I see a new article being shared by an area paper in regards to the risks of Yoga and the way there’s some conspiracy concept led by Hindus and sponsored by Devil to unfold it worldwide.

To start with, not all individuals are non secular and most of the people working towards Yoga don’t give a flying f*ck about its origins or the faith behind it. It’s only a sport that has a number of psychological & bodily advantages and that’s practiced worldwide, and Yoga lessons might be very demanding. By the way in which, the Vatican exorcist who apparently began this entire anti-Yoga marketing campaign mentioned “Yoga results in evil, identical to studying Harry Potter”. Harry Potter LOL!

Having mentioned that, I believe it’s about time we reduce this entire “Yoga results in evil” nonsense. Quoting one of many feedback I noticed on-line, “that’s like having fun with years of every day orgies, after which accusing a mosquito of giving AIDS”.

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