Baalbeck’s Gigantic Megalithic Stone Blocks: Ancient Engineering or Aliens?

I spent my Sunday morning studying about Baalbeck’s huge stone blocks and the way nobody has discovered but how Romans had been capable of minimize with such precision a three,000 ton stone, why and the way had been they transported all the best way to Baalbeck and why isn’t there another website that appears like Baalbek?

A number of web sites wrote about this thriller, together with the NewYork again in 2014 and several other scientists and archeologists got here up with theories to justify how these blocks got here to be. Some even recommended that aliens may have helped shifting such huge blocks, which is fairly absurd for those who ask me.

Maybe essentially the most detailed and complete article on this matter is a scholarly journal article written in French again in 1977 by Jean-Pierre Adam and entitled “A propos du trilithon de Baalbek. Le transport et la mise en oeuvre des megaliths”. For those who don’t really feel like studying the entire thing, I discovered a shorter article in English summarizing Adam’s article and suggesting that people had the mandatory experience and know-how to maneuver these blocks again then. Principally Adam is saying that the Romans used a set of “14 capstans with 448 laborers mixed with pulleys and rollers to maneuver the stones”, however some are claiming this isn’t bodily attainable and the rollers would have crunched beneath this heavy burden.


The one certain factor is that Romans had been nice architects and engineers and there have been technical strategies to resolve this transportation drawback, however what’s puzzling most scientists and archeologists is the placement Romans selected to maneuver these blocks and why different huge stones, together with the Hajjar al-Hibla, or Stone of the Pregnant Girl, had been disregarded within the quarry.

Right here’s a video by the Historical past channel on Baalbeck’s mega block:

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