#BlogWaladi: Puzzle Foam Mats Are Apparently Bad for Kids

I simply discovered just lately from a good friend that foam play mats are made with questionable supplies that might have an effect on the well being of a kid. We’ve had the mats for over a 12 months now and I by no means considered googling whether or not they’re good or dangerous for some purpose, however now that I’ve, I came upon that they have been banned in a few European international locations for emitting excessive ranges of kind amide, a poisonous industrial chemical. The formamide is used to make the tiles gentle and bendable and is a recognized poisonous substance.

What occurred was that the Belgian and French authorities launched a probe into the toxicity of froth mats and pulled from the market widespread kids’s foam flooring mats. Consequently, some corporations began producing secure mats that don’t include the poisonous chemical however one can by no means make certain as there are nonetheless lots unanswered questions as to supply of the formamide and precautions to take.

This being stated, and figuring out that the Lebanese authorities haven’t most likely heard of this matter, I’d reasonably not take any dangers so I eliminated the mats and gave them away.

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