Do You Like the new Formula 1 Logo?

After 23 years, F1 is getting a brand new brand and lots of people aren’t too comfortable about it. The brand new System 1 chiefs defined the brand new brand claiming the outdated design was not helpful for contemporary digital platforms nor merchandise, and that F1 wanted a a lot easier brand.

The brand new design, as defined, “relies on two automobiles going round a circuit and battling for the end line”.

“It takes inspiration from the low profile form of the automobile, two automobiles crossing a end line,” she mentioned. “It’s extremely daring and easy – in order we apply this in as we speak’s market and being cell and digital led, we now have rather more flexibility and flexibility with this brand.”

I don’t suppose it’s that dangerous, and to be sincere, what worries me as an F1 fan is the game’s future slightly than a brand new brand, and listening to that Ferrari might take into account leaving F1 by 2020 as a result of elevated standardisation within the proposed 2021 engine guidelines is far more worrisome than agreeing on a brand to promote extra hats.

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