How Do We Pronounce “GIF” in Lebanon?

What’s the proper solution to pronounce “GIF”? The creator of the Graphics Interchange Format Steve Wilhite mentioned it’s pronounced JIF not GIF. The Oxford English Dictionary and Merriam-Webster proclaimed each pronunciations are acceptable.

Stack Overflow even did a survey just lately, that was examined by the Economist, asking over 50,000 customers in practically 200 international locations a protracted listing of questions, together with one which tackled the pronunciation of GIF, and over 65% mentioned they pronounced GIF (with the exhausting “g”).

Sadly, the map didn’t embody Lebanon for some motive however extra folks are likely to pronounce it with a mushy g in Asia and a substantial share enunciates every letter “gee eye eff”. It might be fascinating to see how Lebanese pronounce it, perhaps we must always ask Ipsos to give you a survey for that.

Try the [map].

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