Invoice Tax Increases to 250LL, 250LL & 50LL Stamps not in Circulation

Right here’s an additional cause why the brand new taxes regulation ought to be revisited. The bill tax was elevated from 100LL to 250LL, which implies that we have to put a 250LL stamp on invoices as an alternative of the 100LL stamp, which isn’t an enormous deal given how little the quantity is however the issue is elsewhere:

– There are not any 250LL or 50LL in circulation, and the remaining 250LL stamps are very troublesome to search out, which implies that we might want to put 3X100LL stamps on every bill, subsequently shedding 50LL for each bill.

After all that’s nonetheless nothing however it’s the precept of the matter that counts. When the authorities impose a 250LL tax on invoices, the least that they will do is present 250LL stamps, until they willingly imposed the tax figuring out that they will trick us and earn an additional 50LL on every bill.


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