Jordan Bans Law that Protects Rapists: What are We Waiting For?

First Tunisia approves a brand new regulation that gives ladies with the measures ecessary to hunt safety from acts of violence by their husbands, kin and others, then Jordan’s parliament lastly votes to eradicate Article 308, a regulation that permits rapists to flee punishment offered they marry their victims.

In the meantime, and regardless of the quite a few campaigns held previously years, the Lebanese parliament has not but abolished Article 522 of Lebanon’s penal code. The article protects rapists and was meant protect the “honor and dignity of the sufferer’s household”, which is full utter bullshit.

Final 12 months, we had been informed that an MP proposed to cancel the regulation and referred the invoice to Speaker Nabih Berri however there have been no updates ever since. I’m not likely positive what’s taking them so lengthy and why are they taking this matter so calmly? Are we ready for extra tragedies to happen?

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