Lebanese Flag History Video

I discovered this good Four-minute video on the story of the Lebanese flag and the way it got here to be. Whereas the historic info are largely correct, the flag they confirmed shouldn’t be the official Lebanese flag. Actually and as per Article 5 of the structure of Lebanon “”The Lebanese flag shall be composed of three horizontal stripes, a white stripe between two crimson ones. The width of the white stripe shall be equal to that of each crimson stripes. Within the heart of and occupying one-third of the white stripe is a inexperienced cedar tree with its prime touching the higher crimson strip and its base touching the decrease crimson stripe”.

The width of every crimson tripe is nearly twice as large because the white stripe, which is inaccurate and makes the flag appears to be like ugly.

Nonetheless it’s a pleasant story to observe if you happen to’re not conversant in it already.

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