NYTimes on the Sahyoun Falafel Rivalry

NYTimes printed yesterday an incredible piece on the Sahyoun brothers falafel rivalry. Zuheir Sahyoun & Fuad Sahyoun each inherited the Falafel enterprise from their father Mustapha Sahyoun however then the youthful brother broke away and opened its personal store. They refuse to speak to one another and every claims to be utilizing his father’s unique recipe. Zuheir has his father’s photograph behind the money register, Fuad has an image of Bryan Adams easting his falafel sandwich.

There are such a lot of comparable rivalries in Lebanon that resemble the Sahyoun brothers Falafel rivalry. There’s the Hallab (Abdel Rahman vs Ghazi) in Tripoli, and the Baba and the Samra rivalries in Saida, the Massaad rivalry to call few. The one I’m most conversant in is the Samra rivalry in Saida the place there are three “official” Samra outlets open subsequent to one another, however to be sincere I might by no means inform the distinction lol!

Try the total article [right here].

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