What’s the Deal with the Jal el Dib Bridge?

The “Jal el Dib Revolution” FB web page is asking for a protest tomorrow at 7AM in opposition to the “2L” bridge whereas the Jal el Dib Municipality has banners cheering for this “2L” bridge. I attempted making sense of the 2 proposed bridges and to be trustworthy, I don’t see how any of them will assist ease visitors. I agree that there must be a bridge there nevertheless it ought to a easy one that permits individuals to enter Jal el Dib and that’s about it. What’s with all these “2U” and “2L” and “YWXYZ” designs? And who’re the engineering corporations behind them?

I hope it’s not the identical man who constructed the Nahr el Mot Bridge LOL! I believe we must always begin a petition to convey again the previous bridge with all its cracks.

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