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Aiming Of Girls

Заброшенные в мир анимеCosle (1) is a specific character game whose purpose is maximum reliability. In other words, a man wears a character in his clothes and emits him in behaviour, talking and gestures. Sub-culture The crucifix. and develops in animation movement (socialities of Japanese multipliers and culture associated with it) and selects characters of known animos serylons for the game.

Cospius is a fairly young phenomenon for Russia, it exists in Russian-speaking space for less than 10 years. Parties are regularly organized and several major festivals are held annually. What's the intrigue of the ass, what's his salt?

This subculture can be touched by one of the various Internet forums of Japanese animation (anime). The Forumers organize meetings and parties where people can see themselves. Once we meet like this, the rookie is immersed in the carnival atmosphere, surrounded by loved characters of anim. Sooner or later, he understands that he wants to turn himself into one of the characters and... he's getting his sewing machine.

Cosple is late, it can be compared to the premiere in the theater, when the feerical ancholy and the confession of the viewers are preceded by a long training (selection of the character, search for the necessary accessories, rehearsal in front of the mirror).

Subculture cosple has nothing to do with a simple retraction - if it was only a special suit, then a cosperer could be called every Deda Morosa on a new year's coward. Cosple is different from the role games. Rolevicks (Elpha, Orki, Gnoma, etc.) are more concerned about the content of their role than the suit. They don't have a clear role model, and everyone dresses up who's in the mountains. Unlike the role players, the right suit, hair and accessories, the favorite expressions and the verbal turns of the character are important. The suit, hair and requisition must accurately repeat the appearance of the prototype.

Most cosples do their costumes themselves. Qualitatively a sewn suit with a good fitting and a high degree of detail is a matter of great pride.

Cospius is not just a dress-up, but also a world view, a certain lifestyle and interests. You can't be a swamp at a party and a rash on a day. But how do you know the cosperer if he's not in the picture?

If you don't own the subculture animum, it's hard to know the cospier. In the current mix of styles and directions, practically any clothing is treated with a certain indifference. But there's how the military likes to talk, nuances.

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