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A Great One Of The Vagrant Dogs

Full name

Mark Teven

Japanese writing



Māku Tōein


22 years (at the beginning)

23 years


30 November




Yours, glory, adventures

He doesn't.

Regular work


Member (former)


Marc Twen (, component,,,,・build” Māku TōeinMember of the Esperian Guild, which has the capacity: Gecklberry Finn and Tom Sawyer.


Mark Twen is presented as a very funny young man who often likes to make jokes or try something, unlike his colleagues in Gildia, that they sometimes ignore a guy.

He also loves his abilities very much, and doesn't forget to praise them for the case, if that's the opportunity. Most likely to destroy the target, even though he was instructed not to kill, but knowing that the mission had already failed, Mark was ready to go through.


Twen has dark orange hair and green eyes. There's a skinny body.

He wears a white shirt with long sleeves, which usually don't hide the kid's hands completely and most often end up with the elbows. He also wears black pants.


Some members of Gildy's family.

He, along with the other members of Gildia, comes from air to deal with the mafia and the armed agency, and when their assignment was completed, Nathaniel notices the absence of two members of the gildia and asks about their absence from Margaret, which explains that they're afraid of heights, but wants them to die, that Mark himself says it's like two fingers of asphalt, and then,

Arka: Triangular War

During the capture of Atsushi Nakajima, Mark Teven always works at a distance of sniper, which falls into the arm of a transformed Atsushi with its own special bullets, which he says will not kill the enemy, but will deliver the pain that Gildia, in some way, can take Atsushi without fighting.

A little later, when Atsushi managed to escape from Moby Dick, Mark Twen is trying to hit the target with his air-to-air missiles, and also demonstrates his ability to Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer, who will know the coordinates and help the owner to get close to the target, but Atsushi manages to get away from the fire a few times, even though Huck has a hole in the dome.