Поющий принц фотки - Uta no Prince-sama косплей * косплей по аниме

Cosple Singing

On 12 August, in Minsk, the first Karaoke spike will take place during the A-Fest festival. It means that it's not good enough to win the contest to perform the hits, it's also like their original artist.

The winner will be defined by a simple viewing vote, the name " Smog Smog " will be available to all participants in the big city carao-picnic in Lošica Park, which will take place in the afternoon, Saturday, just before the Hedliners of the European Festival of Beer and Food from the Alivaria brand.

In order to participate in the karaoke spike, it is necessary to register here and indicate the perpetrator and the song to be delivered. Organizers do not limit participants in the selection of role models, but the only special prizes are for those who retrieve the Hedliner A-Fest, a British John Newman or a chita in Belarusian.

A-Fest this year celebrates the 950th anniversary of Minsk and intends to reproduce a playlist from the best songs of the beloved city.

The organizers also promise a musical provocation: one of the participants in the music festival of “single” himself in a carao-cosple, but, as a result of the competition, he will not win.

A few karaoke-pounds with music of any kind (European hits, songs, scenes for those with no hearing, no voice, etc.) will work for A-Fest from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The best Karaoke clubs of Minsk were invited to participate: “Bogema”, “Solovei”, “Friend Centre”, “Plan B”, “STATUS” and “Brutto”. Caraoke splash starts at 2:30.