Качественный косплей

Cross The Road

КосплейSpace (the " e " impact) is the variety of self-activated theatre, with much greater improvisation and contact among actors. The viewers may not, however, be in the case of a slash, but the actors themselves receive fun from what they do. In fact, we can do a stool even by ourselves, dressing up a beloved person's suit and going into his image.

The word " cosplay " itself is a reduced version of the phrase "costumed play" , i.e., a game in costumes. In the Russian slang, there's even a word "sniffing" - playing some fashion book, a story, or even a song! If you were a warm Mayan day in the Red Square, you must have seen the twins of Lenin, Stalin and even Putina, for whom the cosmells are combined with a pastoral show and the work of the photos of the bereaved tourists.

Cosple is on the list: Sleng

You found out where the word Cosple came from with simple words, his translation and the meaning.
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