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Emilie Cosple

20 самых сексуальных косплеев персонажей «Звездных войн» девушки, звездные войны, косплейEven if you don't like or have never seen Star Wars, you can't deny the unqualified attractiveness and sexuality of these girls. Enjoy, everybody with Friday!

20. Emily O. - Han Solo

Many cosples are happy to be converted into female versions of male characters of popular films, books and shows. Emily O. was no exception, dressed as Han Solo at Comic-Cone 2012.

19. Kristen Bell is Lea's slave.

Actress Kristen Belle has fulfilled the dreams of millions of fans by exemplifying the most famous image of Princess Lei in the 2009 Fanata comedy. It's not even pathetic to the Dark One if she calls.

18. Adriann Carrie is an imperial officer.

The winner of the first season of the Top Model American competition is often mosquitoing at Komik-Konah and other festivals in open rites. Komik-Kon was no exception in the summer of 2012, when she showed up wearing an Imperial officer's suit, and at some point she was even caught with another girl for very bad behavior. I've come to the role, obviously.

17. Amanda Rose, Padme

Amanda Rose's model is a big fan of sags, which is very happy for all male fans. Her version of Queen Amidala in a broken tope just before the indiscretion is sexy.

16. Courtney Black is Darth Talon.

The most favorite movie of this beauty is the third episode of Star Wars, and she paid tribute to the sage by creating this great suit. All her body was covered with red paint and worn out, and tissue stripes barely covered causal spaces.

15. Courtney Cruz is a sturmovic.

Believe me, you don't, and for Star Wars, there's an erotic burlesc show, one of the roles in which the famous alternative model of Courtney Cruz works. The dream of any fan!

14. Bailey Moore - Stormovich

Surprisedly a very popular image of girls. Who would have thought a girl with a giant helmet on his head might look so sexy!

13. Lucy Fur - C-3PO

The sweet C-3PO robot has never been so sexy (and I don't think so). The girl is so hot, it's amazing that she didn't have a metal.

12. Sarah Underwood - Padme

The American actress and model appeared in the image of Queen Amidala on television and defeated the hearts of all men in the audience. And I don't care if the hair color doesn't match the original, you can forgive a lot for that.

11. Heather1337 - Bob Fett

Just wow. Florida's residents are lucky to meet this beautiful woman in real life any day. Heather1337 is very good. famous cosplexI don't think she's the master of her business. She loves the Star Wars, and we love her ass of Boba Fett, who's not often gonna meet a girl.