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Funny Ass

Смешной косплей от Ануча СаенчартаNow, a lot of people around the world are attracted to beloved films, mulphines and computer games. In some cases, it's worth a few thousand dollars to make a suit. Of course, such expensive suits look really cool and right. His owners just need to wear it so they can turn into a beloved hero.

But not everyone has a few thousand dollars. Therefore, many cosples create their suits on their own, literally from manual tools and materials. Of course, such work often has little to do with the original and looks very funny, but the fantasy and effort of their authors should be praised.

One such incompetent cosplier is the dance Anucha Saenchart (Anucha Saengchart)♪ He's 25 years old. A young man earns a living by looking after older persons, of course, it doesn't give him much income. But he's very fond of the crucifix and constantly crafting his suits. It's worth mentioning, the fantasy and enthusiasm of the guy. Of course, most of his suits cause smiles and laughs, but there's a really good job among them. Look.