Ник Уайлд и Джуди Хопс (Зверополис)

Judy Hops As A Crotch

In addition to the lecturers and thematic sites, the " 42 " scientific and popular festival, which was held in the NISU suburbs this year, a gic-zone was launched with comic stamps, board games, cyberport competitions and, above all, cosplener competition. The Village interacted with amateurs to turn into a character of the mass cult.


Sergei Mutagullin

Anna Zatha, 20, student

I am. I'm doing cosle. Five years. It started with animosity, which is typical of cosples in our country, and then as an audience, I visited the first Animania, saw the cospleters and their performances, infected them with their enthusiasm, and became a participant for the next year. With Star Trek's universe, I met because of the relaunching of the Frances of J. J. Abrams in 2009, and then I got into the original 1966-1969 show. Dr. McCoy's character was very close to me, and it was only a matter of time and search for people who would embody two other key characters, Spock and Captain Kirk. People often don't recognize my character, so I want to gather a team of people who can create other characters of this fendoma. Together and more fun.

In the past, I have embodyed both character animals (Chucks of Shigofumi Anim: Letters from the Departed, Nami from One Piece) and characters from Western sources (Elphia Tauriel of the Hobbit screen and, indeed, Dr. Leonard McCoy of Star Trek 1966-1969). While I'd like to further develop McCoy's image, there's a lot of plans.

Cosple is a hobby that I need: for a long time in my life, there have been only study and grey booths, but the cosple has brought great diversity, the joy of the image-building process and the opportunity to participate in various events and festivals.

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