Nightmarish Traffic on Dahr al Baydar Road

If there’s one factor that retains me from heading to the Beqaa or visiting mates in Zahle, it’s the Dahr el Baydar – Bhamdoun visitors on the best way again. Final weekend, folks bought caught for over three hours on their approach again to Beirut and within the absence of law enforcement officials, scouts ended up organizing visitors.

If there’s any highway that symbolizes the state of lawlessness and the large automobile jungle that we dwell in, it’s the Dahr el Baydar highway. No respect for the lanes, no respect for velocity limits, no respect for drivers, buses, ambulances nothing! Vans are all the time chopping you off and driving recklessly and there aren’t any policemen on the best way to impose order.

In the event you’re planning on going in the direction of Chtaura or the Beqaa anytime quickly, I like to recommend you sleep over at some mates or at a lodge or drive again to Beirut at a late hour (After 10PM). In any other case, right here’s a video on what to anticipate:

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