Yet Another Violent Demonstration in Awkar

We’re all outraged by Donald Trump’s resolution to recognise Jerusalem because the capital of Israel and the Lebanese authorities has fiercely condemned it, and we’re all in favor of protesting peacefully close to the U.S. Embassy however what’s the purpose of turning the demonstration right into a violent one and attacking the Lebanese Safety Forces?

I misplaced rely of what number of demonstrations have been organized towards the U.S. Embassy however one factor I do know for positive is that they all the time flip violent. What precisely are these protestors anticipating? to be allowed to storm the embassy perhaps? Or interact in a massacre with its safety? If there’s one nation that has completed greater than every other Arab nation for the Palestinian trigger, it’s Lebanon so nothing justifies what occurred yesterday in Awkar.

Tens of protestors and safety forces have been injured following these fierce clashes which have been happening in an space a whole lot of meters away from the embassy. How is that serving the Palestinian Trigger once more? I do not know.

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