Красивый Косплей ^-^ | Аниме Amino Amino

Aim The Tail Of The Fairy

For the first time, at the Hinode Power Japan festival, a popular Japanese composer and musician, creator and leader of the Yaiba Takaanasi Yasuhar project. His original style came from different musical interests. In his creativity, he's a great combination of the Card Rock melody, classic orchestra tools and the harmony of traditional Japanese music, creating an unusual voice in beauty and identity.

Music author of popular animos-seriales such as " Naruto: Uragana Chronic " , " fairy tail story " , " Crazy-warin " Sailor MoonCristal, Tiger W and many others.

At the Hinode Power festival, Japan, the composer will hold a session QA for the public (Questions & Answers), which will speak about the culture of animos-music in Japan and present its world famous Yaiba brand. Don't miss it!