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Esquel (orig) is a witch and a friend of Geralta's childhood. After all the tests with him, Kaer Morehan, Esquel became a calm and repentant witch and a member of the Wolf School.

Not chatty, but every phrase says like the verb of the universe's truth. Like his friend, he thinks Wesmir is his foster father. He prefers the Western part of the world on his journeys. It's very physical, but it's a little slower than other witches. Nevertheless, the force in the strikes is enormous.

Participation in literary Sage

First mention of Eskel. He appears in Heralta's memories of childhood.

Esquel is the first person Cyri saw coming to Caer Morehan with Geralt. When he said hello to Geralt, he was dismayed that a witch-born child was a girl.

He welcomes the drop-out of Tris Merigold. After what happened to Cyri's confusing, Eskele asks the chordeck to help them with the girl. Partly accepting the conditions of the charody, he, along with the other witches, tells her about Cyrian's sudden trance.

In the course of Cyri's training period in Cairo Morehan, he, like all the rest of the witches, becomes her mentor.

People EskelEnd of story.


Esquel lives in Kaer Morehan and is a respected veteran. When attacking Caer Morehan Wesmir, it's his choice to fight Himera. After a successful attack, Salamandr Esquel tells Geralta about the fist fight. Esquel's fighting with Geralt to find out how much he's forgotten this war art and, if possible, reminds him of some of his moves.

After Leo's funeral, Esquel goes to the west, probably to Red or Covere.

End of story.

Diary inscription

A calm and sane witch from Caer Morehan. His face is irritated by an ugly scar.


Esquel went to the winter in Caer Morehan, like the other witches. The witch immediately went to the mine, near the castle, to clear it from flooding it for the winter kickimor. Escal's meeting, Geralt's helping him get rid of monsters. The witch then led a history of familiarity with Dydrous in great detail, but what to do next, and he doesn't know. I don't think he wants to be the Prince of Kinghorn. Then the witches are going to make a decision about Deidra. In any election, Eskel will be shot in the face. As a result, the wound is the most unspeakable scar on the face.

A calm, prudent witch, my age. He and I look a lot like him, and some even take us for our own brothers.