Косплей по Ведьмаку 3

Witness Cosle 3

Keira Metz, a charming high-ranking Charodeika, a member of Logi Charodeek, now hiding and missing near Velen village. Anyway, it's Gerald, the main character of the game, that's where she gets caught.

The Charodyke's life is simple: a life of a size away from big events, help to the untouched people of Velene, collect grass, and boredom, boredom...

This one. Kaira Metz was created by a cosperer, a worm Lyumos, in the image of the villager Gleb. Photographer - KIRA photoarts

That's how it tells me about the slice of the camera itself:

"When I first started playing the third Vedimaca, the quest with Kayra was one of the favorites for me. I don't know why. And there were plots in the head and where it could be removed. This is the summer. Although Kira had a pretty good weather before he arrived and had to postpone. Trying to paint some Welen Melancholy. It feels like you have to work and live in a place where you're uncomfortable and eaten. Labour booths of " simple " village grass. I feel like I can't brag, unfortunately, but I tried to squeeze the suit and the atmosphere, and it was just a wild film that lasted six hours, thank Glebzek, that I agreed to be a requisitioner for this difficult day. I'm really glad I have such eager friends. And Leché, who helped find the banks, the glasses and took them to the location. "Lada is happy, Lada is happy!"

Fendome of Cosple.

Witch. - A series of games created on the basis of Angela Sapkovsky's single book. The cosple deals with Kaira Metz's image from the Vedima 3: Divine Hunt.

In the books, the relationship between the witch Geralt and the magicians was not described in detail. The witch meets Kaira during the Taneda rebellion. The znaharku threw a member of Capitul Artaud Terranova out of the window, and the healer landed right on the head of the White Wolf, which made both of them in the trenches. Their relationship isn't about to be... The Witchman did something wrong with the Mets, not quite a gentlemanly woman, by putting all the information on Jennifere at the chard, he went after his black-haired friend, leaving Cair alone in the middle of the events.