Косплей Кейры, Трисс и Йеннифэр в сексуальном нижнем белье из

Witness As A Cruple 18

On 29 April, Moscow Comic Convention 2017 " Cyber World 2017 " , launched in Pavilion No. 75 on NIS. The guests of the festival for the readers of the pop- and geek-culture will be the star of "Everything" and the film "Fantastic Quarter” Joan Griffith and the heroin of the "Vampire Diaries" and "Elise Evans Pearls." In a three-day event, they will hold an autograph session. Afish Daily was reported to the NDA press service.

Also at the festival, there will be known cospiers: Ben Shamma, a popular cosle-worker of the witches Geralt (the Witcher Games), Soldat 76 (Overwatch) and Snake from the Metal Gear Solid game, and Lioui Aquino, who created the exact images of the heroes of the multhillm.