Персонажи Диснея и герои комиксов оживут на фестивале аниме в Минске

Cosple Animos Heroes

For comics and animos, it's a unique opportunity to be like your favorite hero.

On 6 August, the Fantastic Festival, Hobby and Creative Festival, UMICON, will take place. The festival programme will present many different competitions: dance, vocal, contest. They'll also pick a regular and beach spray.

A unique opportunity

This kind of festival is a unique opportunity not only to be like one's masculine or comic hero, but also to fight for decent prizes.

"Great details"

In the course of the competition, participants will be able to show themselves and their image in a single, bloke or group defil. In doing so, each participant will be assessed separately by specially invited judges.

♪ Defil refers to a concise or misleading display of the image on a stage in which it is desirable that participants allow us to consider the suit from all sides. The coolest.a detailed and similar image, wins, shares with the host of animosities and cosples in Simferopol and Crimea, Igor Dunaev.

The following fandom groups are allowed to participate in the competition:

  • Art films and TV series;
  • comics and manga;
  • Myths and fairy tales;
  • Original style including Visual-kei, Lolita, Gothic Lolita.

The winners of the cosple competition will receive prizes of:

  • The prizes are 2,500 rubles.

Where will it go?

How do you get?