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Cosple Animosity Of Guys


The subculture of animosciences was formed from a young, enthusiastic animosity, a Japanese multiplier series, which began to be published extensively in the twentieth century. The jeans and themes of the anim are very diverse: these are the melodramatic stories about the relationship between the sexes and the presence of humor, and stories that are exclusively for boys or exclusively for girls (mostly wars and search for their path and love, respectively), and the fairy tales of the inspired human beings, and the science fantastic stories of the robots and other futuristic children.

Naturally, sub-culture was originally formed in Japan, where around a quarter of the population today claim their inequities to anim. In Russia, she appeared in the 1990s, when the television stations began to show the Japanese cartoons. The special popularity of the subculture of animosities in Russia was acquired in the 2000s, when the animos were easily accessible on both television and video CDs and on the Internet.

A truly fascinated animist (in animost media, it is called a shark) spends time watching and studying the Japanese anim or mangy (the Japanese comic book on which the animos are filmed): reads special editions of the animosity or visits relevant pages on the Internet. Very often, he has an extensive collection of animos and manga, watches the new generation and tries to acquire them as soon as possible, collects the characters he loves. In general, the animoscione is involved in any creativity (figures, leas, poems, etc.). The most advanced animosities are interested in Japan ' s history and culture, as well as in Japanese.

Animoschniki communicates with conspirators at special meetings, they're called animics, where they meet, share impressions of new animosities and communicate using common terminology and language. The slang of animoschenes is almost entirely borrowed from Japanese.

Special animosities are cosples - costume games, performances (from English costume play - " costable game " ). Assassin participants They identify themselves with a character called his name, wear similar clothes, use appropriate speeches. There's often a role-playing game during the rash. The suits are usually sewn on their own, but they may be ordered in a hotel, and in Japan they are often purchased by ready (the Russian market for such goods is not yet developed).