ТОП-15 косплей-костюмов фестиваля M.O.con-2016 в Челябинске

Eye Of Characters

In Ryazani, there was the tenth JIYUU. On Saturday, 1 April, on the stage of the Ryazan Palace of Youth, participants showed about 100 speeches in the suits of the loved ones.

The theme of the festival was medieval, but the contestants also came in the images of heroes of anim, comic and multfilms.

Ryazans and guests from Moscow, Tula, Kaluga, Ekaterinburg, Voronage and other cities showed eff-defil, danced and even sang Karaoke in Japanese.

The show began with a speech of heroes from the Games of the Seeds to the Doma Maner who built Jack. They've asked for the theme of a show that's evolved throughout the festival. The audience had to know " who would receive the throne " , which, after the solemn opening, had been moved to the lobby.

The speeches were divided into three blocks. The viewers were made by the heroes of Skubi-Du, the female cat, Harley Quinn, ropes and even Pimp from the Big Russian Boss show, which gave gifts to participants.

In the lobby of the Palace, young people were placed in a photozone, playing video games at the front desk and eating in the buffet.

Elena from Kaluga was the oldest student of the festival in the image of the Witch of nothing. She didn't come as a participant this year, but she brought a daughter and a granddaughter to participate.

Moscow Aleksa arrived at the Russian festival the third time. In the past years, he was among the jury, and he arrived with a comedy defil in the image of Siroé from the Log Horizon wound. As Alexei shared, he rehearsed his number for weeks, but the main achievement was participation, not victory. "To win, the young man's path," he did.

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