Чем отличается мужской косплей от женского

Women ' S Characters

You know very well that there are a lot of amazing cosples in the world that can, with a petty image and a proper suit, make an incredibly similar character. But did you turn up on those who can make a great turn into any heroes with only a makeup and a few decorations?

Now you'll know at least one such cospier girl-- Bloodwhirt recently made a whole series of photo shoots in which she was able to reproduce the images of a lot of Dragon Age women's characters, and it looks just magical!

For example, her spike on the main inquisitor heroin from the last part of the series, with the Bloodwhirt not reindeer, and made all four versions of the protagonist girl who differed according to the race chosen.

Inquisitor Kadash

Inquisitor Adaar

Inspector Lavellan

Inquisition Trevelyan

It was also able to make an incredibly elegant, with very precise image of Leliana from Dragon Age: Origins, using minimum items:

But she's got a lot of good work on Morrigan's way of getting characterised instantly even without a brand suit, and it's not easy to get.