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Games Suits

DLkznTDjnwwAn event before the games where the robbers pass in front of the people of Capitol in various forms created by the stylists. These dresses must be fully consistent with each Districkt. According to the Cold Games book, the parade takes place in the center of Capitol for 20 minutes, the one-name film Cesar Flickerman says that 100,000 capitols gathered to look at the pods. At the end of the rostrum wheels, they come to the presidential palace (in a book) and the Circle (in a film) where President Snow greets them.

Parade of 74 Hunger Games

The 74th Hunger Games Parade was late tonight, almost at night.

  • Diet 1 - silver stone tunics (in the book), pink suits with feathers and bluffs (in the film).
  • Detection 2 is a suit in an ancient style.

    Tribute suits on Parade before 74th Hunger Games

  • Diet 3 is silver suits.
  • Degree 4 is the sea wave colour dress.
  • Diet 5 is silver suits (which is very similar to Districkt 3).
  • Distrust 6 is a brilliant yellow suit with a headbag that reminds me of a month.
  • Diet 7 is white suits with Origa elements.
  • Detection 8 is a brew-male suit.
  • Diet 9 - silver dresses (fucking, similar to Districks 3 and 5).
  • Degree 10 is cowboy gold suits.
  • Detection 11 is blue compounds.