Немного косплея по играм от Blizzard

Game Cosplay

On the last weekend, 10 and 11 September, the WeGame festival was held. What was it about? Computer games, cyberports, comics, cosplay, VR and digital entertainment. Nice geek and gamer party. But first.

This time, the festival went to AKCO International, this is an exhibition price in the depth of Pushkin's park near Schulawka Metro. I almost went to the Olympics, the old memory. There's no point in the park itself, just a good place to walk. But on Saturday, the approach to WeGame was marked with Shulawki: a couple of cosples were waiting for someone right outside the transition, and on the road to the park and back, the people with the badges were coming back.

In the park itself, the concentration of gic has increased once. I met four sororority girls on the main aleigh.

A little more and I went to the main entrance to the festival. The area in front of the building was also part of the festival. You could have had a bite here, a picture of yourself, and just hang out with the same people.

A little walk, I still went inside to see what I spent on the road for over an hour.

One was a lot of people. More than the first WeGame, even though I'm not in the middle. The second was a little hot, apparently the ventilation didn't work out. Three, there were more cospiters inside. There was a feeling that at least a little bit of clothing was decided by every third visitor, and about 10 per cent of the suit was very serious.

The area of the festival was divided into zones. First, I decided to go to board games. They were closest, and I love the pillars. There was a lot to play, from MTG to gengi (namely, she attracted the most people at the time of the fall of "bashes."

I'm late for the Timeline game, and I found some Mankina lovers a little later, but they played some wild deck of supplements I didn't know.

I took a walk on the walls.

Found a recreational area where you could have hit Mortal Combat.

And finally got to the cybsporting part where they already went down to CS:GO and Dota 2. The next time I saw my wife, it was like old computer clubs, a few people playing, and a dozen people standing over them and looking at them.

I couldn't understand the championship system, I didn't really try. Teams have changed each other, someone has been discussing strategics, someone is playing against people. But before the finals, my wife and the next zone were waiting.