Raven Space

The Kislovodsk Kurort Boulevard became a fabulous country for one day, where the inhabitants and guests of the Kurorta City met Alice from the Wonderland, the scary country. Dear Jack.Emily's fantastic fiancée, Guermione Granger of Griffindor, heroin Lermontov Bella and heroin, "A Zory is quiet here." Rita Osyanin, Sterwell De Vil, Raven demon and even Baba Yagu and Batman.

The Library Branch No. 4 of Kislovoska presented a second literary festival in the solar city. The main prototypes of the costume game were the heroes of the Multhylm, anim, comics, books, legends and myths. The members of the collusion re-established the images in detail, focusing on the quality of the suit, the makeup and additional attributes.
Members of the jury evaluated the work of the contestants: Helena Demchenko, Director of the Centralized First Library System, Mr. Duma Kislovodka Oleg Ayrian, Chief of the Story of Culture of Ivan Greebov, Director of the DREAM FORCE Mestelya, Edouard Asaturov, Director and Editor-in-General of the Style
" We have enjoyed today a great deal of featherism that took place on the most beautiful site of our city. The second cosple festival demonstrated not only the increased skill of cospletors who participated in last year, but also opened up new talents that conquered our hearts with their artistism, said by summarizing the results of the festival, the Director of the Centralized Library System, Elena Demchenko.
Participants who won the nominations received monetary prizes and certificates for books and professional photo sessions.
The first place in the cosple festival was Margarita Belowgorodov, her image of Tiranda, the night elfish, the highest priest of Eluna, the universe of Warcraft, admired all those present in the summer mascarade.