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Vampire Animals

In Moscow, one of the largest cosple festivals of comic peace, scientific fiction, films and teleseria, anim and fantasy, and computer and desk games, Moscow Comic Convention 2017, opened up on Saturday.

Photo: Olga Sokolov

He was joined by another Cyber World 2017, an international cyberport star festival on computer and console games.

These two events have led to three days of high concentration of Supermans, Spider Man, Zombies, Vampires, Elfs and other species and non-invited creatures.

The relevant characters, which make it dangerous to touch old ladies and mamas with bells, could be seen at a long-distance approach to WHDC in a sandbag out of the subway.

In the immediate vicinity of the ultimate goal, Pavilion No. 75, the ratio of "naturals" to ordinary people was approaching 1:1, which had clearly contributed to the creation of an environment.

What, apart from being able to talk to yourself like this and play games and costume defil, was it that made the cospiters go to the festival? First of all, the stars that the organizers of the event promised to meet.

The names of famous guests say a lot to anyone who's fantastic and comic. Joan Griffith is the star of "Everything" and "Horneblower" and "Fantastic Four." Alice Evans is an unsuccessful Esther Michaelson, one of the strongest witches and the mother of ancient vampires in the popular Vampire Diaries and the ancients. And also the world-famous cospliers Ben Shamma and Lioui Aquino.

For those who don't know this sub-culture, we'll explain: the stove is a game that's used to convert to fantasy movie heroes, mulphilms, books and comics.

The most important element of the sausage festival is the costume defil, whose participants should play the image of the hero as best as possible. In countries such as the United States and Japan, where cosples are very popular, costumes and accessories are streamed and carried out in special workshops and hotels.

In Russia, this industry is not developed, and most domestic cospliers are self-promoting in the manufacture of costumes and the production of necessary amunition. Recently, however, it has been popular to order appropriate attributes on foreign Internet stores.

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