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Split The Suit With Your Hands

Remember, someone wanted claws? Here's the claw:D

You will need:
Thermoclelic pistol;
pair of gloves (not necessarily);
Paint and acrylic paint.
Cold paper or thermoplastic Wonderflex;
Fen (if you use thermoplastics).
1: Take a thin sheet of A4 format paper and draw a narrow triangle on it. Cut the template and move it to a tight paper/termoplastic, cut it out and twist it. If you're using plastic, you're gonna heat it with a phen and turn it over while it's still hot.

2: After that pencil, make two notes that you're going to cut the detail. The test must be diagnosed so that, in the consequence, part of the detail can be inserted one at an angle. If you use a hard paper, glue some claws with a thermocleic gun. And to glue the details from the plastic, heat the ends, connect them and wait for the material to cool.

3: Then put the gloves on, put the claws on top and, if necessary, cut the claws in such a way that they're sat tight. Then, with a hot glue, put the claws on the gloves - for that, in the turn, drip some glue inside each claw, put the glove on the pencil, put on the top and wait till the glue gets cold.