Anubis Pharah. Просто ЭПИЧНЫЙ косплей

Anubis Cosple

Reading the clash, trying to make a withdrawal. So, the beginning was great, I even thought I finally found a good Russian fantasy book, not just a fantasy, but a techno-phenesis. Initially, everything seemed realistic and even atmospheric, heroes didn't push, and they wanted to be safe. Even though the vast amount of water I was ready for, as I was aware of the feedback, even though 40 per cent of the text was completely hypertrophic, unnecessary descriptions of a cat in the five paragraphs that the GG ran sappoms between thinking about high-order complex things or tours in history of tense moments. I don't care about the tale of Tantre's top management in the woods when they found you their princess listening to her talking to one of their guards. Even with this artistic equilibrium to increase the thickness of the book, it was still worthy. But the page behind the page, the work was rolled into a stereotypical stereotyping.

The main hero is Vadim. It's a good character, of course, after a long history of life, starting with his mother's youth, and how she, the bitch, left him with a GG of sympathy. And it's kind of nice, but he's got magical powers, and he's found a bandits, so he's giving them a fight, and he's all scared, and he's great. But in a couple of days, FSB comes into it, and he's already a smart life, and he's gonna smash his nose from the Gabists, and he's almost starting to put his terms in the right and left of his villains. By accompanying all these related commentaries in the Goblin style of " God spark " . You smell what you say? The main hero is gradually becoming a sue. It is worth noting that the author has been inspired by animation, which explains some of the moments and the so-called " carnage " , where each, from the village big doll to the businesswoman from Habarovska, to the Elfiyaki from other peace and the dragon princess, just flowing in the form of our fake life, Wadim. And who buried his life there? The only time he had to be tough was that.


For three months, run to the orchestra to train. Of course, Impressed by a Tamil Master and her students with unprecedented abilities.

Before that, he'd run Spider.

A month on Illantre and studying magic is already at the level of elite empires.

That's annoying, he's talking because no one in reality says, this paphos is not appropriate, he does what in reality no one would ever do. He exposes KGB colonels who took a young face, he's Spoyler.

He's planting a whole tree of elf trees in the grow, deep, and they grow up in a couple months. Which was unable to make the most developed magic.

The author is too enthusiastic and gives little time to other heroes, more interesting.

Exen-- who said he was great? For you to know, in my elbow, the clash takes 1067 pages, you know when the exche begins? Find out.