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киберфест 2016 в екатеринбургеPhotographer: Dmitri Shevaldeen/Nashta

Organizers are expecting a mass flow of heimers this weekend, just the beginning.

In Ekaterinburgh, on the Ekaterinburg-ECSPO site today, 26 August, a three-day computer game festival, geez and cybertechnologies Cyberfest 2016 began operation. NASHA has set up an online play world and brought a photo report.

Cyberfest-2016 in Catherineburg

The area for the festival was located on the third pavilion of the exhibition centre. Since 10 a.m., there have been large numbers of young boys, adolescents, schoolchildren and even adult males.

For the Cyberfest, the organizers had about a quarter of the pavilion, where branded computer companies, a large number of computers, and even T-34 tanks were placed.

киберфест 2016 в екатеринбургеWargaming at Cyberfest-2016

Once he's here, there's no easy way to open the place of Wargaming, the creators of famous games like World of Tanks and World of Warships. It is here today that there are rounds of tank-line fans.

♪ The main mass of our players is expected this weekend, but as you can see, our site is now popular, sharing with our correspondent Maxim Graves. Last night, we went to a cab, and it turns out there's a lot of our taxi players. In the Sverdlov region, there are about 650,000 World of Tanks users.

киберфест 2016 в екатеринбургеOther Cyberfest-2016 sites

Playing Counter-Strike is on Gigabyte's wall, and for Dota 2 amateurs, they've even arranged the largest site.

Exhibition visitors can also not only support and photograph the stricken weapon but also shoot. This area is organized right behind the pavilion.

Heaven for the operas.

A stack called Cosmo Vape can also be singled out, where there is a stupid way to sit and smash the various aromats.

киберфест 2016 в екатеринбурге киберфест 2016 в екатеринбурге