Отличный косплей Бусуджимы Саеко из ХОТД! - Крепость Внешние Небеса

Space School

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The new swimsuit, for the first time to wear, can feel very tight,

But when you wear for four or more times, you'll feel normal.


The junior high school is a nice swimsuit.

To have it in dark blue and white * M / L / XL select for all loliths, women as cospits and swim




Less than 46 kg

About 46 kg - 58 kg

More than 58 kg


About 150 cm-163 cm



Size Handbook

(sighs) NOTE. This bathing suit has a good elastic tension.

-150cm Height / 40kg Weightseclect size M
-155cm Height / 43kg Weightseclect size "M"
-155cm Height / 45kg Weightseclect size "M"
-155cm Height / 48kg Weightseclect size " M / L "
-156cm Height / 40kg Weightseclect size "M"
-156cm Height / 42kg Weightseclect size "M"
-157cm Height / 51kg Weightseclect size " M / L "
-158cm Height / 46kg Weightseclect size "M"
-159cm Height / 43kg Weightseclect size "M"
-160cm Height / 46kg Weightseclect size " M / L "
-160 cm Height / 51 kg
-160cm Height / 55kg Weightseclect size "L"
-161cm Height / 50kg Weightseclect size "L"
-163cm Height / 49kg Weightseclect size "L"
-163 cm Height / 46 kg
-165cm Height / 45kg Weightseclect size "L"
-165 cm Height / 50 kg
-165 cm Height / 55 kg
-166cm Height / 52kg Weightseclect size "L"
-166cm Height / 48kg Weightseclect size "L"
-167cm Height / 41kg Weightseclect size "L"
-168cm Height / 53kg Weightseclect size "L"
-170cm Height / 51kg Weightseclect size "L"
-172cm Height / 54kg Weightseclect size "L"
-178cm Height / 48kg Weightseclect size "XL


♪ Weight is more important than tall, for example, if you're 50 kg, but 155 cm, you have to choose: L


The suit uses conventional bathing suits, flexible, can be adapted to different complex situations suitable for all types of girls ' bodies.

Not only the COSPLAY, but the real swimsuit, he can play the pool.

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