Обои аниме косплей (67 обоев)

Space Of Anim

In Vladivostok, under the VI Vladivostok Biannall of Visual Arts, a costume of the heroes of the gold collection of animation of Animé-Cosple Parad. On the occipital area before the start of the march, the viewers will be able to see a suited defil and scenario miniatures based on known animé-serials. The event was organized by the cultural management of Vladivostok.

The parada was portrayed by animé heroes (Japan multipliers) and manga (Japanese comics). This dressing is called a cosle. The cospillar emerged in Japan with the increased popularity of the mulphilms and spread around the world. Thousands of fans in many countries manufacture suits for their favorite characters. It's not just a good suit now, it's not just a good suit, but it's a way to turn around in its character to take his mind to move, talk, his character.