ComicCon Russia 2015: косплей-дефиле - Дмитрий Рогачёв

Space Defil

Dragons. Photo: IA PrimaMedia

The main youth event will take place in the capital of Primoria (PROGRAMMA)

June 20, PrimaMedia. The City Youth Day will be held on Saturday, 24 June, in the form of a Youth Initiative Festival under the traditional Day M brand. This year, the organizers prepared 15 entertainment sites, informed IA PrimaMedia at the Vladivostock press service.

Youth projects on cultural, sports and scientific and recreational issues will be presented to the people and guests of our city on the Sportivo harbour.

Educational areas for children

День МOn the site above the amphitheatre of the Sportivian Coast:

- From 12.00, Museum Einstein, a series of class masters and victorines for scientific knowledge, museum exhibits and entertainment program;

- From 12.00, Nitrogen Azot-Crio Show, nitro-frozen class.

Day M. Foto: IA PrimaMedia

Adult recreational areas:

On the site above the amphitheatre of the Sportivian Coast:

- From 10 a.m., an exhibition project on photograph exchange;

In the amphitheatre zone:

- From 14:00 to 16:00, "Bitch of Young Scientists" is a competition for Speakers who speak their research activities to all languages;

День МFrom 17:30, Stand-up is the first in Vladivostok, the city's box on the Stand-up comedy genre.

In the Olympica sports unit:

- 11:30 Roller Boom.

On the recreational zone of the Sportivian harbour in the area of the music fountain:

- Starting from 9 a.m., the Fudcourt and a series of craftsmen, catering managers and chefs begin.

- From 10 a.m., there will be a kibersporting zone for all Vladivostok residents and guests of the province capital. The program's brightest final will be "Cople-defila"-- its participants will be in costumes for characters from the favorite movies, anim, series and books.

День МOn the Sportive Harbour:

- At 0900, the opening of the Dragon boats, which will bring together representatives of the authorities, youth organizations and associations, representatives of the Vladivostok business.

At the entrance to the oceanium:

- From 10 a.m., there will be a musical dance site for the streets, where street performances of master dancers and musicians, juggling classrooms will take place;

- A site on extreme sports will be set up from 1,600. "Extram sports" will combine competitions and performances on trikinga.

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