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In article be13e0d0f5The arts of cospiers are slow, but they surely conquer the minds and hearts of the Russians.

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During the last weekend in Moscow, the Collnik CCC hosted one of the largest and most striking events of the Gicculture - Moscow Comic Convention. At one time and in one place, several dozen Batmans, Supermans, Spider Man, zombies, vampires, reptiles, elves and gods of what heroes.

For those who don't know, let's make it clear that the crucifix is a specific game, the participants are converted into suits of different known and not very familiar characters. In most cases, they're heroes of fantastic films, multy films, books and comics. The suit is displayed in a defil with maximum gambling.

The members of the collusion re-establish in detail the base images, emphasizing the quality of the suit, the makeup and the additional attributes of the selected character.

The inspiration, design and manufacture of such suits is an integral part of the coin. In most cases, suits are self-contained by the players themselves, sometimes they are ordered to wear a dummy or bought ready. In Russia, however, there is no industry for the manufacture of such costumes.

What do you say about the U.S. and Japan, where the cospit suits and accessories are flown and operated in special workshops and factories.

Phone Olga Sokolov

Japan ' s greatest popularity, which makes many people count this subculture as the country of the rising sun. But it's not. The United States is the home country, where it was historically known as costuming. The main prototype game suit is the characters of multfilms, anim, video games, movies, comics, books, legends and myths. However, the prototypes may include very real personalities: movie heroes, athletes, rock stars, etc.

Moscow Comic Convention showed a fairly high level of Russian amateurs of this subculture. Despite the absence of a manufacturing industry in the country suitmost of the participants were able to demonstrate a good preparation for the festival. Most of the costumes were made at the highest level, although there was often a frank robe.

The high level of the jury of the event cannot be noted. His composition, for example, was Englishman John Higgins. The comic bookmates know him as the author of a lot of work, a colorist and an artist. Higgins, as a collorist, is most famous for the Watchmen comic.