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Cosple Of A Mature Woman

The sense of the mature identity of its own vitality is achieved by choosing itself and defining its own goals and actions, and by taking responsibility for its actions to others and to itself. Thus, freedom of choice, autonomy and responsibility are the basic criteria for mature personality.

The satisfaction of life and the appropriate mental state that precedes the self-realization (creativity) of the mature personality are the main indicators of the effectiveness of the human strategy of his life [1]. Many researchers believe that there is no specific creativity in themselves, but a person who has some motivation and characteristics to create.

Therefore, the purpose of our research It defines and compares the personal characteristics of young girls of late age who are involved in artistic, musical and acting artistic activities. The priority for us is the exploration of cosple, as a new and unexplored species of actoral creativity.

Our study was attended by 98 girls between the ages of 17 and 27. They were divided into three groups: 36 photographers and artists, 30 singers and dancers and 32 cospleters (referred to as "costume play " ).

The characteristics of the product of each of the types of creativity studied were considered as a criterion: in artistic creation, the product was a formidable (map, drawing, photograph) in a musical fashion, by means of a vocal and plastic, in a cospel, by the variety of acting creativity, the re-establishment of the most accurate external image of the selected character.