Dark souls косплей

Dark Souls As An Ass

Arthorias Putnik's cosple is hard to say good, he's amazing!

Fendome and character:

Dark Souls is a computer RPG game with an open world that is famous for its complexity. The impact on the Dark Souls game is minimal. Events and their meaning are often implied, not explained and shown directly, and the player has to interpret and rethink what is happening. Most stories and information about peace are presented through dialogues with different characters, through the descriptions of objects or in short-categories. The player must find and process all the information he needs.

Arthorias, one of the four Knights of Guin, has been received for his ability to " walk in Besdne "
The second name is Destiny. When the ancient city of Olachil was attacked by the Badland, Arthorias

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