Леди Баг и Супер-кот (Miraculous Ladybug): 10 причин, почему это

Lady Bug's Cosple

Comic Con Saint Petersburg may change the name. This fall, the organizers lost the arbitral tribunal in Moscow to their capital competitors. They proved the organizers of the festival comics and cosmetics The name of Comic Con is not available from the North Capital in their logo and in advertising.

Life talked to the main producer of the Pietary Comic Con Michael Voronzov, and he said what was going on. We've been holding the Comic Con Saint Petersburg festival for two consecutive years. They're helping us with this American partner. In particular, they invest in the event and agree with star guests. Everything goes to the SCC, tells the Voronts.

According to him, the pieter festival organizers have carefully approached the site. As a result, it is the SCC that fits all parameters. Impressive results are given by Mikhail Vorontsov: in 2015, more than 27,000 people gathered at the Comic Con Saint Petersburg and, in the next, 40,000 in 2016.

But this year, the world of cosples and comics has begun to unfamiliarly break into the pieter and Moscow. The Mayan festival in Peter just passed, as his organizers had to go to court.

♪ The problem arose this year. Moscow firm CRI. Accept.We know a long time ago. We've received a motion. They were found on the Internet by accident. After we've looked into the last festival. It turns out they registered the name Comic Con as a trademark in Rospatente. We went to Moscow, to court. They explained that Comic Con was a descriptive term of the event and could not be patented. But the court found our arguments insufficient. Now we're gonna judge this case in the appellate court, explains the producer of the pirate festival.

According to Michael Vorontsov, Moscow colleagues want to monopolize the market. And adds: Comic Con, not even the name, but the format of such festivals, which may be held in any city.

Pieter organizers already have an option, e.g. Epic Con. Except that "branding" might turn out to be a big loss, doesn't rule out Michael. I don't think the world's stars are going to go to a festival that will be heard for the first time. In two years, we brought a lot of famous actors to Peter on Comic Con. For example, from films and TVs like "The Game of Thrones," Harry Potter and "The Lord of the Ring," he tells Michael.