Энджи знает толк в косплее

Nice Cosle

It's always the same. Lives, they didn't hang onto you. The peaceful life of the city of Cosple City is again under threat. Some Dolmek who denounced himself as an all-indigenous villain, as is the villain of his level, seeks to destroy the world. For this purpose, he has created an army of monsters that is ready on his team to fall into an unprotected city. In principle, no originality. It's just a villain's stamp: ambition, army, obligatory monsters, and if you don't take over power around the world, destruction must be. Well, you don't sit around like this, you don't live in peace, they don't even think about what they're gonna do in a world destroyed? Why would they do that? However, the city of Cosplei City was not as defenceless as it seemed at first sight. Hani Kisaragi is better known as Milash Hani sleeps in anabios, waiting for another villain who will risk falling into world peace. That's the moment! Even an evil genius (as he reads himself) Dolmek couldn't assume that after Hani Kisaraga's awakening, he was transforming into an android. Now there are people in Cosple City who are fighting monsters under Dolmek command. Yes, Dolmek is waiting for a big surprise. But no one's gonna win easily. ♪

Original: Shin Cutey Honey
Alternative name: New Cutey Honey

Jeanr: fantastic, fantasy, adventure, comedy, anim.
Country: Japan

Out: 1998