Обои девушки косплей (135 обоев)

Oh, My God

Russian cosples tell us what it means to make Guerrilla Games.

Prime Horizon Zero Dawn will be held tomorrow, but long before this day, the redhead hunter Ela has conquered the world, giving inspiration to a large number of fanarts and amazing improvised costumes. Guerrilla Games even released a free 13-page guide for cosples, listing all elements of the Horizon Zero Dawn heroin suit and presenting illustrations of the high resolution. Our compatriots have also found enthusiasts that have implemented virtual heroin. At least one of them, a basketball. Sveta_choukou Ultanbaev, could have seen visitors to the IgroMir 2016 exhibition. On the eve of the Prime Minister, Horizon Zero Dawn, we contacted her and several other cosples and found out what place Ela had taken in their lives and how hard it was to make a crutch of that level.

Heroin Horizon Zero Dawn drew attention from the first anon of the E3 1024 exhibition, and our interlocutors don't hide their admiration.

Horizon" All of her [Eloy] image in general - just what I dreamed of seeing in one character - is honestly recognized as an eight-year-old collar. Lina Lucky Strike♪ - First of all, her appearance. I love this ethnic style, the whole suit and every detail of it can be seen for a long time and still find some new things. Second, its nature. I'm a big amateur of such strong and independent, and Ela's a hunter, a fighter, a fearless and in danger, looking for adventures. I guess I miss something as exciting in my life, so I love these characters in video games.

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