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President Of The Student Council

Anime Kaichou wa Maid-sama! = And the manga hasn't been disappointed since the front page. In the first chapter of the mangaca, we're fast-tracked with characters - Misaki is a strong and committed girl who's at the school the president of the student board and, at the same time, who's a waiter-great waitress in a cospit café because of family disorders, and Usuis is a student of the same school, smart and in all respects.

I don't really like blonds, and Usuy's one of the few animos-boys who won me out of sight and is now one of the favorite heroes.) He's cool and sweet on his own, and when he makes cat eyeballs and teasing Misaki is incredibly kawaino.) Misaki is incredibly oppressive like a real baran.) But they're both the sweetest couple.
On the picture, the first photo of the heroes that Usuy wears with him and risked his life to avoid the secret of Misaki. = In the photo, he's calm and happy that he played it and got the picture, and Misaki is barely keeping himself from the anger.)