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девушки с мечами на фестивале «Хиган»Imagine a crowd of teenagers dressed in the colorful suits of the most incredible styles, in the wigs of all the shades of rainbows, painted faces and bright lens in their eyes. That's what an animosity flight looks like. There are many supporters of Japanese animation, computer games and comics in Belarus. Once a year, they gather on a large two-day Heagan festival, which recently took place in Minsk on the ninth time, in the suits of their favorite characters, they're doing scenes, defiles and competitions. So it's a hobby, a possibility of self-realization or a way of life for young people?

I want to be you!

... ♪ Among other things, we see a granddaughter in a man's suit, along with a blue shirt. The old “animonymist” will recognize the character of the prominent Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki of the Haul Castle, the wizard of Haul and grandmother Sophie. The girl wanted to stay under Kitty's alias and immediately said:We're not related. In fact, I live in a dormitory where Sofi works as a wheat" .Наталья Владимировна — это на работе, а на «Хиган» — бабушка Софи Turns out a girl had a long dream of dressing up in her favorite character's suit, and she'd been thinking about making choices: how best to do it. "When I saw Natalia Vladimirina on the watch, I realized it was Sophie! And asked her to join the joint. - Att. Natalie was curious to try herself in a new implua. At a festival surrounded by young people, a woman felt great.

девушка, стилизованная под мальчикаNatalia Vladimirovna is at work, and Higan is Sophie's grandmother.

♪ I was preparing for a very thorough statement, reading a book, looking at "multic" and still worried about it being my debut, telling Natalia Macarov. - The suit is a blue dress - my friend sewed. Kitty made his suit herself.

The first BGUIR Darhoe class student was first taken to the schoolgirl: she was so good at getting into the role of a brave boy, the chief hero of the popular animosity, Naruto. “He is very close to me because it is a fun, kind character that defeats evil”, she explained to the girl. She also participated in Higan last year and was also Naruto in another suit. By the way, a festivian outfit, an orange combination of stitches, gloves and schlepians, was doing with their hands. Hend-meade players are a very common phenomenon, because the original character suits are very expensive. It is because of the ability to seize interesting non-standard clothes on their own.

Косплей — это когда милая девушка выпиливает себе огромный лук Seoulmates: красивые девушки на фестивале «Хиган» 2 девушки в костюмах на фестивале «Хиган» костюм девушки