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Cassandra "Kassie" Carlton "Kage" Cassie Cage() The character of the Mortal Kombat series, which debuted in the tenth phase of the series. Cassie is Johnny Cage's daughter and Sonny Blade. She's the main story heroin. CFC♪ Cassie is the leader of the new unit set up by Johnny Cage, who decided that a team of young warriors should be assembled, which could over time replace the post-war defender of the Earth. Together with her team, Cassie's going to the Outer World to find out if Shinnok's amulet is in the hands of the overthrown imperial Milina. They're getting an amulet, but he's stolen by a traitor, D'Vora, and he's handing him over to a necromanto Quan Chi who releases Shinnok. Cassie is heroically winning the fallen senior god and saving Earth's kingdom from his cowardly plans.

History of character

Cassie Cage showed up after Johnny and Sonja spent time together celebrating the victory over Shinnok and his army. Later, Johnny and Sonja broke up because Sonja was too busy with her job and she didn't have time for Cassie.

Cassie's training with her mother, Sonia Blade, although she doesn't like her discipline. She often runs into her father's house, Johnny Cage in California, where she trains with her friend Jax's daughter, Jackie Briggs. Later, they go to a club where underground fighting is not ruled. Cassie's recording this fight, but it turns out that the fight goes to the death of one of the participants. Cassie's trying to cancel, but she's being forced into a cell where her opponent is Frost.

Cassie in the ring fights against Frost and loses. Frost is sure she's already won this fight, but Cassie's using her concentration loss to get Frost off her legs and take her out. The crowd wants to kill Frost, but Cassie refuses to do it. Then the tournaments put a gun to Jackie's head. Cassie is going to kill Frost to save a friend's life, but at this point, Black Dragon's militants, Jarek and Tasia, are entering the club. While they're doing a massacre at the club, Jackie's getting out of the bandit.

Cassie and Jackie are taking Frost out on the street because Cassie doesn't want her death on her conscience. They're going to leave when Jarek and Tasia come again. They say Black Dragon requires Cassie Cage's presence. Cassie and Jackie are trying to escape when a portal opens in their way that drags them in. Before we get into it, Cassie takes a few pictures of the cell phone that finds Sonia later.