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Animé Cosle 18

Китайский косплей и аниме-фестивали в ЧэндуSpace (yap. наяtе cosupura, sockr. from an English costume play - " cosmetic game " ) - form of an act committed on the screen. Acquaintance of a modern collusion in Japan in the context of Japanese fans of anim and manga. The main prototypes of the costume game are the characters of the Multhylm, anim, video games, films, comics, legends and myths. Prototypes may also be the real world ' s faces of music and other spheres of activity.

Participants re-establish in detail the images based on the quality of the suit, the makeup and the additional attributes of the selected character. The suit is displayed in a defil with a maximum gamble. The suits are usually sewn on their own, but they can also be ordered in a hotel or bought ready (in Japan, for example, business of suits and suits. Axes for cospiers is quite extensive.

Центральная площадь Чэнду Тянь ФуBelow is a series of pictures of me collected from different animals and festivals in Chandu town, as well as a small lequis on this subject.


Animé-Festival is a fair where various products related to animos, manga (Japanese comics), mini-show and Karaoke can be bought. Names of the festival in Chandu: Comic Party, Rainbow Market, Ace Market, etc.


In Chengdu, festivals and cosples meet at different locations, such as Tian Fu, New Exhibition Centre or Music Park. The location and time of the event determines the extent of the event, for example, where the place permits, the participation of the musical groups.


Information on activities can be obtained from the Chinese Internet (in Baidu or Weibo) to find the key words " expandеcosplay " . Last time we had the festival was 9-10 March.

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