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Участница воронежского аниме-шествия: «Косу Рапунцель сшили из трех париков»The entire Russian festival of Japanese animation will complete its work in Voronje on Monday, 4 May. On the last festival day, from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m., a forum exhibition will be held in the Al-Tajar Park, where various animos-attributics can be acquired, fen-consumptions, a portrait in animosity style, a chance at the eastern games of khaziki and go and a picture of costumes converted to unusual events. RIA Voronez correspondents asked for some character It's a party to talk about your extravagant outfit.

Peter from Kiev, character - Witch Doctor from Dota 2 computer game

♪ This game doesn't have so many characters that look like people. And Witch the Doctor is close to me. The bone in my nose is chicken, but I didn't do it, she's holding on a little plug. The body was squagrim, the hip turtles bought in the store, painted them themselves, and the stick found in the woods. So, you know, my image is very economical.

Natalia Kulakova from Voronage, a character from the Aion computer game

My heroin has the main weapon-- it's a rose, I made it out of normal paper and glue. It took about two weeks to work. Now, the rose is very firm, and you won't tell him he's from the paper. Also, my heroin face should always hide the red veil. It's hot, of course, but it's a way to stick.

Alice from Kursk, character - 2015 symbol

This festival doesn't have to be in a hero's suit or computer game. I am, for example, in the shape of sheep or baran, the 2015 symbol. Roga made two months. First, she created a wire carcas, then used a building foam. When she's dry, she's drowned, she's wearing the right shape.

Anna Gridin of Voronage, character of Rapunzel of a single multilm

Photo - Elena Minnibaeva

♪ Rapunzel is close to me. She's kind and sweet. I watched this multfill a few times before the festival to get in and take into account all the details of my appearance. The dress was stitched for the order, and I put my hands on it. Rapunzel's stun was sewn out of three steams and secured inside the penoplast.

Pauline Parínov from Voronezh, character - Oko Sauron from the trilogy of Vlastelin Coleck

- It was originally planned that I would be in the company of the rest of the "Vlastelina Coles" heroes, elfs and hobbits, but my friends didn't come. So Oko Sauron is proud to be alone today. It was hard to do, cut him out of the foam and painted. It was a black mantium, and the image was ready. I feel like today's world with Ok Sauron on my head.