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Japan Animal Space

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Japan, various events are taking place throughout Ukraine. They help to familiarize themselves with the culture and philosophy of the Rising Sun. So, in the Exhibition Hall of the Igor Sikorsky Ukrainian-Japan CRPD Centre at the G.I.Denice Science and Technology Library, an exhibition of J-COS-expo: modern Japanese cosle.

Cosple is one of the kinds of character that is to reproduce characters using suits and accessories. The word was created by a reduction in two English words, "costume" and "play," which means "cossed game." Cosple has emerged in animosity fans (Japan multipliers) and Japanese manga comedians, so it is usually a source of conversion that is manga characters, anim, video games or historical samurai films. In Ukraine, the cosple arrived at the end of the 1990s. The first mass event in Ukraine took place in 2003 at the Crystal Power Animal Club.

Several dozen large and small festivals and evenings are held each year in Ukraine. Animal and cosle♪ But the exhibition format was held for the first time in Ukraine. The exhibition of the J-COS-expo cosleums, the modern Japanese cosle, presented at the Ukrainian-Japan Centre, gathered the creative team Nice Guys. Its visitors had the opportunity to look at both the suits of the team and the suits of other members of the Ukrainian community.

The opening of the exhibit on 13 March gathered a significant number of guests. Among them were painters of Manga comics from Japan, who had a lecture and a master class on Manga painting the same day. The Japanese guests were wearing cosple suits, too. The opening programme included a costume defil with a growing generation of cospleters, dance and occal numbers.

The exhibition had about 40 costumes, half of which were child dresses from 4 months to 8 years. There were even prenatal suits. Also at the exhibition, more than 200 work of the so-called photographic box, photographs of professional photographers and cosple models of Ukraine and not only, were presented. All suits were made by Ukrainian masters

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