2015 Новый стиль японский школьная форма косплей костюм аниме

School Uniforms

Hinode's cosple festival. Photo: Sergei Muhamedov / ottenki-serogo.livejournal.com.

Bloger Sergei Muhamedov photo report from the Russian Hinode Festival, which took place in Moscow on 15 April. World selection was organized in the festival Cosle competition - World Cosplay Summit-2012, to be held in Japan. That's what the bloger wrote.

Don't say it's not ours. Did you wear a locker suit in a nursery orchard, Snuggle on the tree? Do you want to wear a girlfriend in school uniform or a nurse? Congratulations, you're practically a copper. NedoSMI ' s correspondent went to the Russian selection tour of World Cosplay Summit-2012.

The essence of the cospit is the costume of the game (costume play), understood by name. It's a conversion - the maximum fitness of an actor, a musician, but most often the hero of a multiplier movie, a comedian or a computer game. Ideally, we need to copy everything, including shades of flowers and material, accurately portray characters not only by appearance but also by gestures, face expression and even voice.

More than 250 group and individual applications were submitted to the Russian Hinode Space Festival, of which about half were selected.

Participants competed in the nominees: cosple screen, caraoke, AMD (Asia Music Dance), animé- and gay defilé.

The scene is a suited theateralized mini play on the grounds of anim, mangy or game. It should be distinguished by an exemplary story, understood by a scientist, not even familiar with a pioneer. (Photographs below do not correspond to nominations).

Karaoke is the live performance of animos, games, repertoire j-rock and j-pop performers under " minus " .

Asia Music Dance is a production dance, partly or completely repetitive, original clip or concertation by popular artists of eastern China, Korea or Japan.

Defila is a short suited scene performance that does not contain a story. There must be at least three static poles in the speech.

The main prize of the festival is to travel to Japan with the right to participate in World Cosplay Summit - 2012. Russia will participate for the first time in this event.

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